Bridge Over Troubled Water


Spotted Sandpiper at Pony Pasture Tuesday

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  1. Jean Yerian says:

    Jay, thank you for that beautiful story of the sacred singing. It reminded me of a story at the other end of the spectrum, where my dying husband John and my two-week-old great-grandson Foster connected silently, eye to eye, for ten minutes about the mysteries of life and death. It is such an incredible privilege to be present at such moments. Writing this makes me think of something else, the time when you were hospitalized at St. Mary’s and I brought you little handheld games to break the boredom. A year ago yesterday, John and I entered the same place for his final days. I woke up this morning crying, feeling the same emotions as a year ago, but your story of the singing has brought me back to the gentle smiles of life. Thank you, friend. Would love to see you again and to meet Evelyn, who has brought such wonderful light to your life.

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