Barred Owls-Pony Pasture-2019 through 2023

I’m adding this text January 15, 2023. I added a Barred Owl photograph (bottom of page) today. My first Barred Owl photograph in this series is immediately below – top left. Taken Thanksgiving week, 2019. I have continued (during “owl season”) to photograph them on the same branch for five calendar years. That’s four breeding years. I suspect from watching this is the male (when there’s a solo owl). I think the female is in the woods somewhere on a nest. “Owl season” begins roughly at the first frost, e.g. late November in Richmond. It ends approximately at the last frost, early April. 

PAIR of Barred Owls in Pony Pasture, January 23, 2021
1st of many Barred owls in 2022 – 4th year in a row!

Barred owl January 15, 2023 – fifth calendar year!

First time I saw a pair of Barred Owls together at Pony Pasture in 2023 – Saturday, February 11