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The first time I go a full day w/o crying…

…will be, maybe, tomorrow? I keep having to  push it back another day. Our old friend Mark Holmberg surprised us with a call yesterday evening. Showed up a few minutes later. I am a dedicated nostalgiaphobe. But this is a … Continue reading

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Filming Bigfoot riding a unicorn…

…and winning the lottery the same day. A person is about that likely to end up with friends like mine. If I can keep just half of them in the Post-Ivory-Era, I will be rich beyond all imagining. Roux and … Continue reading

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Goodbye old friend

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Flora – and some fauna

I’ve been remiss with blogging. This post is FLORA. This is flora here in  central Virginia. That blooms in early May. Most of it smells divine. In the unlikely event I end up in Heaven, and in the still less … Continue reading

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Every day is a gift

The name of this whole blog could be “Every day is a gift.” I forget sometimes. Days like today remind me. At seventeen years, Ivory is old by any standard. By the standards of sixty pound dogs he is ancient. … Continue reading

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