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More fun!

26 October, 2014                 More fun! A brief extension of yesterday’s post. I apologize if this is too much email and/or blogging. A few more photographs, a few more words. We took a … Continue reading

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We had so much FUN!

26 October, 2014            We had so much FUN! If, like me, you enjoy breathing, I recommend spending an October weekend in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. I’ve breathed in many places, but I’ve rarely enjoyed it as … Continue reading

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There’s an echo in here!

Birds and bugs and drones and a mid-October moonrise. Continue reading

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I cheated!

12 October, 2014                 I cheated! I’ve been waiting all Fall for Osage Oranges (a.k.a. “Hedge Apples”) to appear at Pony Pasture. I see them every fall in the same spot. But they … Continue reading

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Music on

5 October, 2014            Music on Happy Birthday Aileen! I have, as I may have mentioned, five lovely nieces. Today is Aileen’s birthday. Happy Birthday Aileen! She lives in MD and I live in VA so … Continue reading

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