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Can some mornings be more perfect than others?

I think not, but today was exceptional. Very pleasant, very low-key, perhaps it helped I slept in until 8:00. I took a four-hour bike ride yesterday. I’ve mentioned before what I refer to as The Happiness Cocktail™. Three ingredients: caffeine, … Continue reading

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Amazing early summer ride by newfaze at Garmin Connect – Details

Click on the link below if you want to see my very slow but very lovely ride today. Four beautiful hours, a lazy saunter through Goochland, Louisa and Hanover counties. It’s early in the season and I’m still quite slow, … Continue reading

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Summer begins

I’ve been busy (I love to be busy) and not posted in some time. I’m having enjoyable experiences and taking lots of fun pictures. Cappy, second oldest of my five excellent nieces, was in town yesterday and we got to … Continue reading

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Continued growth

12 June, 2011 The dogs and I had a relaxing weekend. I had time for a 50 mile bike ride yesterday. I learned I was in shape for a 30 mile ride. But I didn’t learn that until around mile … Continue reading

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The river glowed when the dogs and I arrived this fine morning shortly after sunrise: The canals behind the islands are shady and secluded and enchanting. Mornings like this, even the dirt is beautiful. I mean, look at this. The … Continue reading

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To spare yourself several paragraphs of navel-gazing [read: tedious] introspection, I strongly recommend you skip past the third “= = =” (that being the first). = = = This morning Mackey and Max and Roux and I went to Pony … Continue reading

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