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These keep getting shorter and shorter!

21 February, 2021 These keep getting shorter and shorter! I will be uncharacteristically brief. If I hadn’t had the always-wonderful experience of seeing an owl yesterday, I might have skipped this week. So an owl and a couple other items.  … Continue reading

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Birds – unfeathered and feathered, and more

29 November, 2020 Birds – unfeathered and feathered, and more  The subject of “birds” comes up during Thanksgiving week. I saw this “bird” (unfeathered) when my instructor Joel and I flew to Delaware Coastal Airport (KGED):   That’s a B-25J Mitchell … Continue reading

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What does the lichen say?

18 January, 2015                 What does the lichen say? “The eye often cannot see what the mind does not already know.” – Stephen Sharnoff I began my “Every living thing” quest late last … Continue reading

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