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Q: How is “too much fun” like “too much chocolate”?

A: I don’t believe in either one. When my friend Heidi and her Mom invited me to visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with them this fine March morning, it was a whole, whole, whole lot of fun. Since Heidi … Continue reading

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Congratulations Alex!

Congratulations Alex! Three years ago this month my friend Alex moved in here, the latest – and greatest – in a 15+ year string of superb renters. Of course you can always forecast quality potential renters by interviewing their pets … Continue reading

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“A dog is a bond between strangers.” – John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck wrote a beautiful book in 1960 called Travels With Charley. He wrote about traveling around the US in a camper with his poodle Charley. About  the connections they made. I’ve always liked having my dogs help me make … Continue reading

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If you know me, you know Ivory

Actually it’s quite possible you don’t know me – but you know Ivory. Tons of people walk up to us and say “Hi Ivory! And hi… there.” Perhaps if I had a floppy right ear and a tail that never … Continue reading

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I guess I got these posts a little bit backwards today…

This post is really from this morning when the dogs and I took our Sunday jaunt to Pony Pasture. The second post is from the ride I did in the afternoon with Pat. Oh well. Look how green the grass … Continue reading

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Pat and I did a great (but slow!) 30 mile ride today

Click on this link if you want to see the route. It’s a nice little spin. Pictures of bikes get boring so here’s a flower – there are flowers around every corner at this time of year: Fun ride by … Continue reading

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I had a very relaxing ride today…

Managed to get in a very pleasant ride on this lovely March day: Click on this link if you’d like to see the route I rode; it’s a very nice little loop in eastern Goochland: Pleasant Saturday ride in Goochland

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Back in the flatlands…

The girls and I got home late Saturday night from the Maple Festival – it was remarkable. I don’t know about them, but I was exhausted in that way you only get when you’ve spent a full day having a … Continue reading

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A few more views from the 2011 Maple Festival

The festival is fun – but this is what we’re really here for: Testing the clarity of the product: This is where the magic happens (some of it) – Duff’s Sugar House: I can’t say for certain, but perhaps this … Continue reading

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For the fourth consecutive year, my brother Kevin and his three daughters met me early in the morning at the Oilville Exxon. We’re headed for the 53rd Annual Highland Maple Festival in Monterey, VA – Virginia’s “Little Switzerland.” This is … Continue reading

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