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Q: How is “too much fun” like “too much chocolate”?

A: I don’t believe in either one. When my friend Heidi and her Mom invited me to visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden with them this fine March morning, it was a whole, whole, whole lot of fun. Since Heidi … Continue reading

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Congratulations Alex!

Congratulations Alex! Three years ago this month my friend Alex moved in here, the latest – and greatest – in a 15+ year string of superb renters. Of course you can always forecast quality potential renters by interviewing their pets … Continue reading

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“A dog is a bond between strangers.” – John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck wrote a beautiful book in 1960 called Travels With Charley. He wrote about traveling around the US in a camper with his poodle Charley. About  the connections they made. I’ve always liked having my dogs help me make … Continue reading

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If you know me, you know Ivory

Actually it’s quite possible you don’t know me – but you know Ivory. Tons of people walk up to us and say “Hi Ivory! And hi… there.” Perhaps if I had a floppy right ear and a tail that never … Continue reading

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I guess I got these posts a little bit backwards today…

This post is really from this morning when the dogs and I took our Sunday jaunt to Pony Pasture. The second post is from the ride I did in the afternoon with Pat. Oh well. Look how green the grass … Continue reading

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Pat and I did a great (but slow!) 30 mile ride today

Click on this link if you want to see the route. It’s a nice little spin. Pictures of bikes get boring so here’s a flower – there are flowers around every corner at this time of year: Fun ride by … Continue reading

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I had a very relaxing ride today…

Managed to get in a very pleasant ride on this lovely March day: Click on this link if you’d like to see the route I rode; it’s a very nice little loop in eastern Goochland: Pleasant Saturday ride in Goochland

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