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Slacking off never pays

21 November, 2021 Slacking off never pays Somebody probably told me that in kindergarten or first grade, second grade at the latest. I’ve been told that in some form or other for the past half century-ish. You can teach an … Continue reading

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Two weeks is too long

6 June, 2021 Two weeks is too long A few pictures. Mackey’s not strong enough to walk at the river these days, so I’m not down there as often. I went with my old friend Luna this morning though:  Most … Continue reading

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Birds – unfeathered and feathered, and more

29 November, 2020 Birds – unfeathered and feathered, and more  The subject of “birds” comes up during Thanksgiving week. I saw this “bird” (unfeathered) when my instructor Joel and I flew to Delaware Coastal Airport (KGED):   That’s a B-25J Mitchell … Continue reading

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