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Even slugs take naps!

25 September, 2016            Even slugs take naps! Neural Activity Pause – that’s what my dad used to call naps. I am currently unaware of just how much neural activity goes on in a slug’s mind, but … Continue reading

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I held hands with STRANGERS!!!

18 September, 2016            I held hands with STRANGERS!!! That’s where my thirty year career as a triathlete led me last night and Friday night.   Standing in a circle around a dining room table filled with … Continue reading

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Law of attraction

11 September, 2016            Law of attraction Ev’s flowers and berries are attracting birds like mad. Every year of my life if you’d told me I could see non-weed flowers in mid-September I’d have said no way. … Continue reading

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Infinite intangibles

4 September, 2016            Infinite intangibles  I took this picture in our front yard in September! A gardenia! Evelyn’s hard work continues to pay off:  Imagine what the bug in the center of that gardenia was smelling. It … Continue reading

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