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Some people have all the luck…

Today, I was one of them! This morning Roux and I went down to Monroe Park at VCU for the Hounds for Healing 1K+Dog Walk. Ivory’s doing okay, but this would have been a little too much for him. Doing … Continue reading

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I was down at Pony Pasture the other day and within about five minutes was covered with what appeared to be nearly my weight in inchworms. It was a whole, whole, whole lot of calories. Something the next level up … Continue reading

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Incredible Sunday Spring spin

An amazingly wonderful Spring spin – spectacular. I rode 68 miles last Saturday, 9 April. It was cold and damp and I was out of shape and I struggled every pedal stroke. The today’s ride (Sunday, 17 April) was different … Continue reading

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I work with interesting people

They remind me daily to enjoy each moment. They don’t often think about what’s going to happen in the future. They don’t think a lot about the past either. I’m very fortunate to be reminded so often. It’s a crucial … Continue reading

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A friend mentioned earlier she was “drunk on lilacs”…

…and it’s very easy to get that sensation. I am surrounded by them. So as usual I’m overdoing things a little. I just went in the yard and took this picture; they look stunning and smell heavenly. They won’t be … Continue reading

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Lots of plants, a few animals, a Special Delivery from Amazon:

I got a package from Amazon a day or two ago; imagine my surprise and delight when I opened it and found this handsome boy inside: Perhaps it was sent to the wrong address but I’m not sending him back! … Continue reading

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Days like this, I don’t even know where to begin – Monument Ave 10K & more

…so I’ll work backward. Even though I’ve still got a big afternoon ahead. And what I am sure will be a fantastic Sunday and an even more exciting Monday. So many  astounding things just keep happening, right out of the … Continue reading

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