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The opposite of complaining

15 April, 2018        The opposite of complaining “I’m not complaining Just the opposite, my friend” – Paul Simon, The Werewolf, 2016 Evelyn and I got up at 5:00 Friday morning, her for an early train and me for … Continue reading

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bombogenesis and/or relentlessly pragmatic: Happy New Year!

7 January, 2018            bombogenesis and/or relentlessly pragmatic: Happy New Year! I took all three of those pictures while Mackey and Turner and I did our first ever four mile hike at Pony Pasture – yesterday. We … Continue reading

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26 November, 2017            Healer  That eagle is not the healer – time is. I just like that picture.  Early in my recovery from my 1988 accident, my brothers told me “time is a great healer – … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

14 May, 2017 Happy Mother’s Day!   I did a post with the same title a year ago. None of us had any reason to believe it would be her final Mother’s Day. Last year on Mother’s Day mom went swimming … Continue reading

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Red, white and blue

24 January, 2016            Red, white and blue I started this post before the snow. The first title was “I’m seeing red” because I saw this Red-headed woodpecker (Melanerpes erythrocephalus) while hiking with Ethan at Bryan Park … Continue reading

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