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Some things in life can be improved… 

21 July, 2019            Some things in life can be improved…  …but this weekend wasn’t one of them! Evelyn’s birthday was this weekend and her sister Jackie came down from NJ to help us celebrate. Evelyn … Continue reading

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Friday on my mind

12 May, 2019           Friday on my mind Alternate title: “For lack of a better title.” It’s been a fun week though – lots of reptiles and a stray amphibian here or there. I did photograph one … Continue reading

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“Trust the process” – not quite 100% of the time

17 February, 2019            “Trust the process” – not quite 100% of the time Tomorrow is my sister Sheila’s birthday – wish her Happy Birthday if you’re fortunate enough to see her or talk with her! Or … Continue reading

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The opposite of complaining

15 April, 2018        The opposite of complaining “I’m not complaining Just the opposite, my friend” – Paul Simon, The Werewolf, 2016 Evelyn and I got up at 5:00 Friday morning, her for an early train and me for … Continue reading

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bombogenesis and/or relentlessly pragmatic: Happy New Year!

7 January, 2018            bombogenesis and/or relentlessly pragmatic: Happy New Year! I took all three of those pictures while Mackey and Turner and I did our first ever four mile hike at Pony Pasture – yesterday. We … Continue reading

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26 November, 2017            Healer  That eagle is not the healer – time is. I just like that picture.  Early in my recovery from my 1988 accident, my brothers told me “time is a great healer – … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

14 May, 2017 Happy Mother’s Day!   I did a post with the same title a year ago. None of us had any reason to believe it would be her final Mother’s Day. Last year on Mother’s Day mom went swimming … Continue reading

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