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Either a janitor or a thief, apprehended by dogs

12 November, 2017            Either a janitor or a thief, apprehended by dogs Friday night when I walked Mackey and Turner they bolted off the front porch and stampeded the bushes on the north side of … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

14 May, 2017 Happy Mother’s Day!   I did a post with the same title a year ago. None of us had any reason to believe it would be her final Mother’s Day. Last year on Mother’s Day mom went swimming … Continue reading

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My chauffeur really flies! // Gone to the dogs

23 October, 2016            My chauffeur really flies! // Gone to the dogs I encourage you to vote on November 8. One of the candidates will be president soon. Please do your part to make sure it’s … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers

7 February, 2016            The kindness of strangers A young man I spent time with once bolted into the ladies room. And immediately undressed. And more. I’ve depended on the kindness of strangers. A bit of photography … Continue reading

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