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Some weeks are better than others

28 February, 2016            Some weeks are better than others Memoir writing is at times nerve-wracking. When I get very close to a touchy subject it’s begun to cause me more anxiety than I’d anticipated. My accident, … Continue reading

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Life goes on

21 February, 2016            Life goes on My mom recalls me living in a box. One of my siblings wrote “Didn’t you once spend a night in jail for punching someone?” Reactions to my last blog post … Continue reading

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Change your evil ways

14 February, 2016            Change your evil ways I was kicked out of the dorms at VCU for starting a fire then out of VCU itself for my poor academic performance. Late 1979 or early 1980, I’m … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers

7 February, 2016            The kindness of strangers A young man I spent time with once bolted into the ladies room. And immediately undressed. And more. I’ve depended on the kindness of strangers. A bit of photography … Continue reading

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