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Certain things are inevitable

It’s popular to say “death and taxes.” Spring is inevitable too!

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More signs of Spring – flowers come up, and so does the river

My first hyacinths have opened up. Their beautiful smell is filling the air on the side of the house. Only a few plants are up now. Within the week there will be fifteen. I will smell them every time I … Continue reading

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Saturday Spin by newfaze at Garmin Connect – Details

This is a link to a map of the 30 mile bike ride I took on Saturday, March 5: Saturday Spin by newfaze at Garmin Connect – Details. This is a picture of me after a previous ride, my tribute … Continue reading

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Spring is definitely in the air

I got home from swimming today and this lovely daffodil had opened up beside my driveway. It’s difficult to look at that and not smile.

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Mackey and Roux at the river this morning

A handsome boy (Mackey, black) and a pretty girl (Roux, German Shepherd) playing by the James River at Pony Pasture around 7:15 this morning. It was 32º F and the sun had been up around half an hour.

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Rivers are always different and always perfect

And they never go backward and they never stop – just like life. Their lesson: pay attention. Because you’ll never see this again. You may love it or you may despise it but either way – it’s gone! Chances are … Continue reading

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