A friend mentioned earlier she was “drunk on lilacs”…

…and it’s very easy to get that sensation. I am surrounded by them. So as usual I’m overdoing things a little. I just went in the yard and took this picture; they look stunning and smell heavenly. They won’t be around long, so it’s important to enjoy them while they’re here. That’s good to keep in mind for a lot of things. I hope you have some near you:

Another lovely white lilac

It’s a lilac riot:

You just cant have too many lilacs

About Jay McLaughlin

I am a rehabilitation counselor. I have many friends with autism and traumatic brain injuries. They help me learn new things constantly. I hike with dogs at the James River in Richmond - a lot. I've completed an Iron distance triathlon a year for 11 years. My most recent was in Wilmington, NC in November, 2013. I currently compete in mid-distance triathlons. And work and hike and take pictures and write and eat.
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1 Response to A friend mentioned earlier she was “drunk on lilacs”…

  1. I learned on NPR this morning that today (14 April) is the day John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln. I also learned that Walt Whitman wrote his elegy for Lincoln “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d”. Which after all my education and reading I never put two and two together. Now, when lilacs in my yard bloom, I’ll always enjoy their beauty and their fragrance at the same time I think of Lincoln’s bravery and Booth’s cowardice. Wow. Lilacs. Amazing.


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