Birds, flowers – Spring images

14 April, 2019            Birds, flowers – Spring images

This is my 388th (!) blog post since I began blogging on March 2, 2011 (!). I apologize, I’m bringing less energy than normal. Fortunately the sun is over the horizon now for 3 and a half hours more than it was in December, so it’s providing a lot more energy with each passing day. I had enough energy to swim at the Tuckahoe YMCA Monday morning, and when I came out this handsome Red-winged blackbird was showing off out front:

Red-winged blackbird at the Tuckahoe YMCA

I almost neglected to inform ophidiophobes (people who have an irrational fear of snakes) – I got some pictures of Northern Water Snakes at Deep Run this week. They’ll be at the bottom of the post.

I saw my first Purple Martins of 2019 the same day at Bryan Park. I was unable to get enough light to do them justice. I’ll get something better this week. 

Our front dogwood at home is still blooming nicely, but the time is passing. Always a happy tree for me:

Dogwood in our front yard Wednesday

I “got” ospreys at Stony Point (Fulton Bank parking lot) early Wednesday afternoon then drove across the river and “got” more ospreys, this time at West End Assembly of God:

Osprey on Parham Road overlooking West End Assembly of God:

I have to walk about a quarter mile down the side of Parham Road to get the sun on the right side, and there are gorgeous dogwoods growing there too. Right on the side of Parham Road! They’re not even in anyone’s yard – just growing there. Very pretty landscaping:

Another dogwood – like the other one, I know – but this was on the side of the road? Wild! All the more lovely.

Yuki came over to visit on Wednesday. His favorite place in our whole house – every time he comes over – is under our dining room table. It’s his own little “fort”:

Yuki in his “fort” under our dining room table

Thursday we made it to the river for a short hike. We didn’t see much and we got back to the parking lot and got in the car. I started the engine, and at that precise instant a Red-tail flew in and landed on a cottonwood in the middle of the parking lot. He wasn’t large; I believe it was a male:

Red-tail in the parking lot at Pony Pasture – lucky shot!

He was only there for an instant before he flew off. I was lucky to get the picture. Here’s the tree about two minutes after he left:

The red-tail shown above was perched in this tree a moment before I took this picture

Ev was away this week (she got home this evening, thank goodness) but she gave me careful instructions on taking care of our gardenia: one cup of water per day. It worked! It bloomed twice while she was gone! Here’s a beauty:

Thanks to Evelyn’s careful instruction this bloom actually appeared WHILE SHE WAS GONE!!

Okay – here’s a Northern Water Snake (or two) from Deep Run. I saw four that day, and I hardly walked at all. And I’m sure there were more. Have a look:

Two of the FOUR Northern Water Snakes I saw at Deep Run Friday:

Anyway, I’m going to wrap it up – sorry about the lack of energy. I don’t eat as well when Evelyn’s not here! I’ve got a couple of good story ideas; I may put one together before next week. Have an excellent week! All best,


I almost forgot! Ev has flowers blooming everywhere in our yard, including more varieties of daffodils than I even knew existed. Here is a little clump of beauties:

It’s hard to look at daffodils and not smile. Great job Evie!

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