Two weeks is too long

6 June, 2021 Two weeks is too long

A few pictures. Mackey’s not strong enough to walk at the river these days, so I’m not down there as often. I went with my old friend Luna this morning though: 

Luna enjoying her Sunday morning stroll. So was I!

Most of our magnolia flowers are faded now – they’re quick – but I took this one next to our driveway two weeks ago: 

Lovely magnolia next to our driveway

Dragonfly from the last day of May: 

Dragonfly with lunch

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) put on a “virtual 5k” called the Run for the Wild last weekend (5/28-5/30). I did a 5k in Pony Pasture. It was dry when I started out and I posted this picture at 8:00 AM: 

Run for the Wild – 8:00 AM

It was still not raining twenty minutes later when I passed this small buck with his small harem. Nice way to be greeted on a “run for the wild”: 

Small buck watching me on my “Run for the Wild” last week

This was the excellent medallion for the Run for the Wild. Each one is different! It’s so beautiful and it smells like fresh cut wood – one of my favorite smells:

Perfect finisher’s medallion for the Run for the Wild 5k, 2021:

I hadn’t seen a white squirrel in some time but I glimpsed one this week: 

White squirrel at Deep Run

Hard to believe it today, but just two weeks ago it got cold enough for us to need a fire. Dash thinks we always need a fire: 

Hard to believe we could go from this to today’s weather in 2 weeks. But there it is.

Possibly next week I’ll blog more. I hope to see you then! 

All best, 


About Jay McLaughlin

I am a rehabilitation counselor. I have many friends with autism and traumatic brain injuries. They help me learn new things constantly. I hike with dogs at the James River in Richmond - a lot. I've completed an Iron distance triathlon a year for 11 years. My most recent was in Wilmington, NC in November, 2013. I currently compete in mid-distance triathlons. And work and hike and take pictures and write and eat.
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6 Responses to Two weeks is too long

  1. kathleenmaybee says:

    I agree with Dash….. always need a fire. Sorry about Mackey…… how hard can that be??

    Totally enjoy your perspective! Love you to death—Kathy

    • Hi Kathy! I am SO happy to hear from you! I hope life in FL is wonderful. Things are going well here except my dogs are slowing down some. Mackey’s doing okay though – I’ll post a picture of him next week. Just not really up to the rigors of river hiking these days. Hopefully Turner will be up for a river hike next week too. Thank you for your kind words! I love you too! Have an excellent week, much love,


    • PS Fires are always excellent. But it’s getting to be A/C time up here.

  2. Katie says:

    Sorry to hear about Mackey. It’s a rough time for the fur family. I believe that dragonfly might have newly emerged from its nymphal exoskeleton to the left there, but could be wrong.

    • Thanks for the note about Mackey. He’s just obviously feeling a lot of arthritis. But I’m told slow appearance of aging is a feature of Flat-Coated Retrievers. If you looked at him you’d have no idea he just turned fourteen. He has some lenticular sclerosis, you can see the age in his eyes, in there with the wisdom, but he does not have a single gray hair anywhere. Turner is three years younger and his muzzle is solid gray. Thanks for the heads up about the newly emerged dragonfly. That was a very short stone’s throw from the edge of a lake; it may easily have been a recently emerged dragonfly.

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